Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream frozen yogurt!

Fall is my favorite season, and that means a few of my favorite things... 
sweater season
crunchy leaves outside
cooler temps...
which means Mr. Teddy gets longer walks, pugs don't fare well in the heat,
and finally, pumpkin flavored goodness!

...which leads me to this fall indulgence year after year
TCBY pumpkin yogurt + whipped cream + cinnamon = HEAVEN!
Portion Distortion People!
This is a kid's size cup and it was PLENTY of froyo to hit the spot. 
Remember, kid's sizes aren't just for kids ;) 

I realize this isn't exactly a wordless Wednesday post, but it's a minimal words Wednesday... for me at least!


  1. YUMMM! We have "free" tcby on Mondays if you go before dinner, so next monday I am totally getting this!! Im in South Carolina, but about to head to New Orleans, so I will still be keeping it southern :) And will be right there with you living in a totally unhealthy town...thank god there is at least a whole foods! Im doing a series next week on how to getting started running bc I have gotten comments just like yours! So maybe that will be good timing and help!! :)

  2. If it has cinnamon it's heaven for sure.