Saturday, September 18, 2010

Working on my fitness...

So... you know you haven't been to the gym in a while if you have absolutely no idea where your headphones are! Argh! The other day, I was running around like a mad woman... literally! My day went as follows... work, class, walk Mr. Teddy, just enough time to squeeze in the gym/shower, doctor appointment, my BFF's final dress fitting for her wedding (which is one week from today) and then babysitting.

Me & Mr. Ted, after his workout, before my workout

Stress was likely to ensue right? When it comes to my three main daily health-isms: eat healthy, exercise, and get sufficient sleep... exercise is usually the first to go when I'm short on time. However, considering the fact that I too have to fit into a dress in 7 days, as I stand beside the fabulous Christen Barnard serving as one of her maids, that's just not an option this week. My dress fits, but since I don't consider breathing while wearing it optional... working out wasn't about to be taken off my to-do list.

So... like I said I was running around like a mad woman, tearing up my house in search of my headphones... to no avail. ARGH! So frustrating... not to mention the fact that HELLO, I was short on time!!! Then the light bulb went off! I still had a copy Jillian Michaels' "No More Trouble Zones!" I grabbed my yoga mat and 3 lb weights (high reps, low weights ladies) and popped that DVD in.

These are the looks I got from my Mr. Teddy as I did my lunges with a shoulder press. He's a comical little guy. It's kinda hard to stay in the zone when you look over to someone a puglet starring at you as if to say,
"What on earth are you doing momma?!?!"

After the fruitless search for my headphones, I only had time for 3 of the 6 circuits, plus a warm up and cool down. I did chest and abs, arms and legs, and finally glutes and thighs. This wasn't my first workout will Jill (as I like to refer to her... makes her less scary.) I actually did her 30 Day Shred a few months ago. I didn't exactly get shredded, but I didn't exactly complete the whole 30 days either. Mainly because I wasn't able to move by day 6, and it got preeeeeetty boring doing the exact same 20 minute workout every day. However, if you're into monotony... give it a shot, I'm pretty sure you'll see results.

Anyways... results are in and I was struggling to walk around in heels the next day at work. Every time I laughed... I was definitely reminded of the ab work I did the day before because I felt it! Geez Louise! I'm planning to alternate her circuits every other day, just to spice up my usual fitness routine. It's good when I'm short on time, especially since somewhere in the madness of my everyday obligations I still have to find the time to live my life, as in ya know basic things like eat, walk the dog, water the plants (I've sort of developed a green thumb lately,) homework, study, and spend time with the BF. Ay yi yi!

On a related note... look what finally arrived in my mailbox!!!!!! I'm giddy with excitement! Thank you!

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